About us


Mirjam Rutten:
On from being a child, I felt great being with horses. Since 2001 I have my own horses, since 2005 my own stable and in 2009 I obtained my diploma Allround Holistic Horse riding instructor from Hofstede Oostrijk. This educationperiod tlasted four years and unfortunately no longer exists. I also am a certified in Family Constellation. (Bureau voor Levensvaardigheden ‘de Verheldering’)

Furhter I am trained for many  years in Ohrun instruction and Centered Riding lessons  I am also in possession coachman papers.
Apparantly I can be a reasonable intermediary between man and horse.
This is useful if you like sports or work with horses, but also when you want to use horses for programs on personal development.

I stand with both feet on the ground. Working two days a week as an e-commerce specialist I know about business too.


A Shetland pony. He is fourteen years old and very sensitive.
For people who are anxious for an animal of 600 kilos, Robin is a worthy small one. His sense of humor is great.
Robin is eager for the carriage work and teaches children good riding.


Wild Rover:
An eight-year-old Irish Cob gelding. This species originally is an Irish gypsy horse. The race is now on the list of Cultural Heritage and doing generally well as recreational horse. It has an easy going and honest character. Wild Rover is very tame and sociable.


A twelve year old Haflingerhorse that now lives with us for nine years. A delightful reliable allround pony.


On May 30 2010 Breezer passed away too young. I carry him in my heart. He was my Kushti Gray, this is Irish Romany for ‘best horse’. He was a great teacher for me and the people who were with us.

Temporary horses:
Since there is always place for a horse in training, for sales, or rehabilitation, there are generally guest horses. This always leads to surprising situations.