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On from February we will organise constellations and other activities again. If you wish I can keep you posted: press this link to subscribe for the newsletter. So I can keep you posted…


*Family Constellations:
During this workshop the entanglements arising in your life will be put into a clear perspective. If you are regularly dealing with emotions that dominate your doings in an undesirable way, it might be that you carry things with you from the past that find their origin in your family of origin. In a family constellation unconscious processes are made visible, so you can find ways to give new impulses to your life.

I work according to the method of Bert Hellinger in which I am certified by ‘Bureau voor levensvaardigheden “De Verheldering” in Hoofddorp. The added value of the horses I have developed myself during years of working as a horse coach. The combination of family constellations with the the power of the herd is an efficient and pleasant way of working. In the open air, together in the ‘here and now’.

From 9:15 to 17:00

Stal Paradiso
Duinweg 38A
2204 AV Noordwijk

Maximum number of people:

Questioner: € 75, –
Representative: € 25, –
This includes coffee / tea and lunch

No experience with horses is required.

There are two types of participants:

• Questioner
A question can be about anything. A problem in a work situation, a difficult choice, a family matter that should be explored, discomfort, stagnation, illness or anything difficulty in life.
• Representatives
It may occur that you will be chosen to represent someone or something in the constellation.

On the day of the workshop everything will be well explained. If you participate, there will be an intake.

Please fill out this form and let me know in which part you like to participate. You will hear from me soon!