Family Constellations

Family Constellations and Organizational Constellations

The instinct of horses is based on survival as a prey animal on the steppe. He can not survive living alone and depends on harmony in the herd.
This phenomenon has led to a number of qualities that are deeply rooted in their being. Horses developed an intelligent sense to reveal to non-verbal communication and unconscious processes. That is why horses take us back to basics and to what is. Without judgment they bring up what you are looking for. Ideal features to help us during family constellations to provide us with information. I guide you through this process. By experiencing what is happening in the here and now, you may start moving again towards desirable directions.familieopstelling

Sometimes it is necessary to change something because things get stuck. A change can only be put into motion when it is touched by a force from outside your system. By working with horses, undercurrencies will be made visible. We can be aware which emotions influence the decisions we make.

In a family constellation we work with representatives who can represent present relatives or colleagues or abstractions. Working with them we can investigate dynamics that are running in the system (the family / company). Habits and ingrained patterns can sometimes no longer be functional in the present. Having these systemical insights, we may try to move a bit further.
Horses are able to work as representatives in the system and they show what is needed to fix things. This is as a miraculous as effective phenomenon.

I organize workshops on a monthly base. For more information you can check the agenda.

Individual sessions are also possible.

Experience with horses is not required for these activities.


Coaching of teams or business requests are possible. I develop or co-create tailormade programs. Please contact me or chech te page: ‘Management Training’.