Horse riding lessons adults

Horse riding is the hardest sport I know. It is a holistic activity in itself. Body and mind are forced to work together. In each cell. Balance and optimal control. A good horserieder is aware of its body and knows how to handle the offered motion of the horse. There are many disciplines in the sport, but the base is always the same. That is what my lessons are about.


It does not matter to me at what level and in what discipline you ride. I look at the opportunities that are there and how they are developing. I analyze what may be best for you.

Focus on:

    • Balance of rider and horse
    • Straightness
    • Cooperation between rider and horse
    • Overall condition of man and horse (health)
    • What is to improve and how to get there

It is very useful to do other kinds of training. Both for you and for your horse.

– Make the relationship between you and your horse clear
– Learn horse language
– Understand how a horse moves and how you use this (biomechanics)
– Gymnastiseer your horse
– Stimulate balance and coordination of your horse

That’s why I teach:

    • Groundwork
    • Lunging (double lines)
    • Carriagedriving

You can ride at my place with your own horse, or with a horse of mine. I work both on location and at Stal Paradiso. Beginners are welcome for private lessons. We do what is necessary and what is nice.

Private lessons with your horse: per hour € 45.00 and € 0.26 per kilometer outside Noordwijk.
Private lessons with horse of mine: € 60.00 per hour.

Do you like to organise a workshop at your stables or riding school?   Balance, groundwork, horse behavior, Natural Horsemanship techniques, lunging? Or do you like to come along with a group (maximum 15 people) in order to learn something with the horses? I will create a fun and educational day.  I like to come along.