Management Training

It is good to investigate your habits every now and then. An objective point of view will be offered by our horses during an outdoor session.
Find inspiration for your team or your company. A management training with horses is an efficient way to gain new insights.

Is everybody conscious of it’s behavior? Control of body language and clear intentions? Horses help you to understand the transmission of unconscious signals and their impact on the environment. A good team should operate like a herd? The lessons from the horses are infinite during these management trainings.
In the fresh air we practice true behavior and its impact.

I like to work together with other trainers.  The horse part can be supportive to the learning process.

I can (co-)create a program tailor made to your learning needs in your business.

Stal Paradiso is not a big company. For that reason it is possible to be creative and design appropriate programs.

Organizational Constellations

By means of an organization arrangement may more deeply into and developments in order to examine the organization. In arrangements with horses, for example, the following questions are considered:

Will this project succeed?
How do we break through an impasse?
Why something still does not work as it should?
How do we work with stakeholders?
What is our corporate culture and is this (yet) functional?
Who is our customer and what ?
And more…


Qiss-it is a fastgrowing outsourcer in the IT branche. Growing fast is a very dynamic proces. In this session the newly added second member of the board and the founding mother worked together with the horses to check what kind of cooperation is most effective.

In opdracht van Corpus Consultancy onderdeel in het teamontwikkelingsprogramma van software architecten.


Kempen & Oberdorf Sittard


Gedragsverbeteraars Prinsenbeek
In opdracht van Syndle voor Groot Hoogwaak te Noordwijk een onderdeel verzorgd in een langer traject voor het managementteam. Grote veranderingen op til. Hoe blijf je in je kracht en haal je er uit wat er in zit? Zowel voor jezelf als voor je organisatie?

De Baak Managementcentrum VNO-NCW
(Part of Talent Development Program)

Van Harte en Lingsma
(Part of communication training)



Plata Foundation
(Inspiring the staff)


Zelfstandige opdrachten o.a. voor:  Politie Hollands Midden


(Talent Development)


Aegon afdeling Pensioenen
(Leadership Training)


Personeelsafdeling Gemeente Den Haag



Openbare werken Gemeente Leiden
(Impasse break through in strong us/them thoughts)