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For over 15 years, on the edge of the dunes and the beach in Noordwijk
you will find the small Stal (Stables) Paradiso. A wonderful place to
spend time together. Anyone who has been here once was will agree and
everyone who comes here for the first time will experience it: the
atmosphere at Stal Paradiso is special. The atmosphere of tranquility
and confidence makes all of us comfortable. It is created by the
animals that live here in harmony with each other. This particular
atmosphere is good to relax and learn about the horses and thus about
I developed myself to both an experienced and allround holistic riding
instructor as well as to a horse coach. I feel very lucky to work and
live in this beautiful area.
The ingredients in the coaching work are the powers of nature and the
useful properties of the being of a horse. We work in healthy sea air
on the edge of the Hollands Duin. Depending on your demand and that
which presents itself in the here and now, we design your personalized
I regularly organize workshops as you may find in the agenda. You will
discover the power of the horses when you start working with us. Much
of my work is based on phenomenological perception that is associated
with systemic work in which I am educated.
The horses and I feel good at Stal Paradiso and do intervene in any of
your learning and developing processes in a completely natural way.
Marvel, enjoy and pick up what you need.
Besides horse coaching I also guide people in equestrian sports.
Sometimes I help the horse, sometimes I help the human: both are
equally dear to me.